Peak Fitness

Skip The Excuses. Rise to The Top

One on One and Small Group Fitness Training. Train at Home or The Gym

Welcome to Peak Fitness. My name is Wyle Dehan.  I am a nationally fitness certified trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM,Cpt)

My approach is simple:  There are no magic pills. 
Work hard and smart, listen to me, commit yourself and you will get the body you want. Don't blame your genetics, your schedule or the stresses of life.  You are in charge no matter how many other things you've been talked (Or talked yourself) into blaming.   Dream it, imagine it, look at the six pack of that guy in the fitness magazine and then do something about it.  Don't just shrug, sigh and walk away.  Getting in fantastic shape is not a fictional creation, it is an absolute possibility. 

And I am here to help you.
With over ten years of experience helping people just like you transform themselves into amazing shape,  I will work with you to design a powerful and effective exercise lifestyle that will transform your body into the one you always wanted and lead you to a healthier, more vital, and more physically beautiful you. 

Our work together will be designed to fit within to your schedule as I will be coming to you at your home, building gym, office or even outdoors.  I will also help you correct imbalances in your strength from an old injury or trauma and help give you the body you always wanted.

The magic is in your commitment to your health and to my coaching.

Think your ready? Reach out to me and let's talk. 

We have so much to do.  I look forward to your new you.