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Here's a little bit of trivia:

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I was once in well below average shape.  I was never obese but I didn't grow up exactly athletic.  You see, I had a small stroke in my right brain as an infant.  Yes, a stroke.  It wasn't so major that it left me paralyzed but it seriously hindered my muscular development on the left side of my body so I didn't feel particularly athletic as a child.  This isn't meant to be some sort of a sob story.  No one needed to donate the price of a daily cup of coffee so I can get pencils to do my homework in my little village.  My childhood was relatively fine.  But I always felt like I couldn't play team sports like the other kids. It wasn't until college that I had finally decided to take stock in this vessel that I was given and actually achieve something with it... and so it started.

Once I started going to the gym, I made myself go at the same time every time.  No matter how inconvenient it felt.  No matter how much the voices in my head (You have them too) told me to stay home and read or study, I still went.  I knew that the one way to make working out effective is to make it a habit.  I used my stubbornness (Definitely genetic) and I made myself go. 
Within a few months Friends and their friends were complimenting me and asking me how I did it.  I wasn't a trainer at the time but I did my homework. I bought books on anatomy and exercise, started experimenting with what I learned.  I taught myself what I needed to find my way to what I wanted and sometimes, I helped friends with their workouts.   When I moved to New York a bulb went off.  All of these years reading fitness books and helping friends and acquaintances lead my passion for fitness to grow.  So I decided to make it into my profession.                                                

That was over 10 years ago.  Over ten years of helping people find their motivation and coaching them to shed the layers of weakness and fat given to them by the modern world we live in. I learned a lot along the way and I am here to save you having to do all that studying.  My experience both personal and educational is what guides my workout and fitness coaching methods.   You need motivation. I will motivate you.  You need stamina. I will help you find it. And you need the help of an experienced trainer who was once just like you.  I learned my way from the ground up and I can teach it to you.


OK.  That's my story. What's your Story?